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Everybuy Digital addresses many of the core issues so you can focus on growing your business. All our products and features are accessible from our easy to use Content Management System.

E-Commerce Website
  • Facilitate online sales and inquiries.
  • Showcase products and services.
  • Generate online to offline (O2O) sales.
  • Promote and manage customers.
  • Parent child architecture, enabling multi store management.
Point of Sale
  • Integrate directly with B2B ordering
  • Connect your Customer Database
  • Manage Product Pricing and Inventory seamlessly.
  • Track online purchases from the retail floor.
  • Easy to use interface.
B2B Portal
  • Build and process a single order across multiple suppliers.
  • Save and build orders over time.
  • Integrated indent program to manage Catalogue offers.
  • Search for any product by Brand, Category, SKU, Attribute and Price.
  • Compare pricing and available units for any SKU accessible from multiple suppliers
Endless Aisle App
  • Mobile and Tablet Application.
  • Custom colours and styles for your brand.
  • Allow customers to search for brands and product attributes.
  • Save and track product shortlists with individual customers.
  • Multiple high resolution product images.
Solution Support
  • Consultation period to ensure solution is customised to suit your business.
  • Software development and delivery service for bespoke and niche features and customisations.
  • Detailed platform documentation, videos and guides.
  • Integration support team available to help with setup and ongoing operations.
Product Inventory Management
  • Automated product data feeds – no outdated stock.
  • Detailed short and long product descriptions.
  • Category and attribute management.
  • Clean and reliable product data.
  • Stock management facilities.
  • Product images
Marketing and Insights
  • SEO and eCommerce Analytics.
  • Facebook Dynamic Ads.
  • Gift Vouchers.
  • Seamless Talkbox Integration.
  • Customer Privileges and Discounts
  • Promotional Codes.
  • Social Media Campaign and Feed Integrations.
Content Management
  • Customise product positioning and placement.
  • Create custom content pages.
  • Generate product reviews and ratings.
  • Customise product description content and Meta data.
  • Control your SEO and keywords.

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