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Case Studies and Whitepapers

Explore how our purpose built technology solution has help solve unique challenges for buying and franchise groups.

Case 1
Our work with Jewellery stores

Everybuy recently worked with Leading Edge Jewellers, 100+ suppliers and 200+ individual jewellery stores to implement a full end-to-end commerce solution that includes a robust B2B ordering portal. This implementation has been so successful that stores are frequently reporting how many more new customers the website presence has brought in to their stores. Joshua Zarb, the General Manager of Leading Edge Jewellers is especially proud of the endless isle gallery app that has been produced with the Everybuy team. Prospective buyers looking for that perfect jewellery piece can browse a huge selection because they can see every product available from every supplier. And in one click the store can order it for the customer.

Case 2
Our work with Computer stores

Everybuy recently worked with Leading Edge Computers, 50+ suppliers and 130+ individual computer stores. The General Manager of Leading Edge Computers, Lee Scott was not only impressed with the implementation of the solution but of the ongoing initiatives that have been developed to help drive more customers in to the store. One such initiative is partnering with local schools. Due to the fact more and more schools are requiring students to "Bring your own device" (BYOD) Everybuy worked with Leading Edge Computers to create an custom online ecommerce portal for students to log in and see a selection of computers from their local retailer at special discounted prices.

Case 3
Our work with Appliance stores

Leading Appliances is a group of 70 independently owned and operated retail stores spread across Australia. They are always working hard to ensure they are at the cutting edge of the industry, and at the forefront of modern retail trends. According to Nicholas Fry, the National Group Manager of Leading Appliances the implementation of Everybuy has transformed the business for the better, giving them the flexibility and autonomy to manage and tailor their local market requirements. He lists the many benefits of Everybuy include a B2B ordering platform, an integrated product cloud, and around-the-clock support and expertise from the Everybuy team.

Case 4
Our work with Electronics stores

Leading Edge Electronics has over 35 stores around Australia. They implemented the Everybuy solution primarily for it's integrated product feeds and B2B ordering. Due to the nature of business, many products have numerous specifications and attributes, so the product feed saves businesses many hours of double and sometimes triple handling. James Kearney, the General Manager of Leading Edge Electronics is especially impressed with the custom client portal that was developed to help the quoting process for local tradesmen. The clever interface can also bundle products and offer specials on selected products helping to encourage repeat purchasing.

Case 5
Our work with Entertainment stores

Leading Entertainment is the newest buying group to embrace the Everybuy solution. The business revolves around selling DVDs, blue rays, music, accessories, etc. Everybuy is building the group a comprehensive B2B portal and a parent site which can attract all the traffic and funnel the customers into stores based on their location. Having unlimited product feeds will help this group immensely due to the sheer size of the product database which is in excess of 50,000 products.